Whether bespoke or haute couture, the concept is the same: a hand crafted, quality, exclusive custom-fitting garment.

At the Annabel Giraud-Telme Atelier, we implore you to to delve into this fascinating five step process:

1. Private Initial Consultation: Approximate Time Allowance – one hour

This obligation-free consultation allows us to align visions. Understanding our client’s needs, preferences and measurements, ensures the perfect garment.

2. Bespoke Patterns: Approximate Time Allowance – one to two weeks

Our client’s unique design and body shape means a bespoke pattern is drafted. For new clients, there will always be a basic fitting often, in a toile material.

3. Creative Commission: Approximate Time Allowance – one hour + material delivery turnaround

Once the client is happy with the sample garment, the responsibly sourced fabric and trims are ordered. A sum of the materials and 50 per cent of total cost is required at this stage.

4. The Artisan Product: Approximate Time Allowance – two to seven weeks

The bespoke commission is created in our couture atelier with every aspect of the design is sampled, practiced and prepared before it is made. The petit mains are so highly skilled at their work, that the substantial amount of hand sewing is often invisible to the eye.

5. Forward Fitting: Approximate Time Allowance – one week

With the garment nearly completed, a forward fitting confirms perfection before the finishing touches are undertaken. Your design vision is complete! We take pleasure in presenting you, your one-of-a-kind garment. 

The process requires a number of fittings so allow for a minimum of 10 weeks for delivery after commissioning your unique, couture design.


Important to note 

With an entirely fully bespoke service, design and selections can vary greatly so will costs. Our clients are provided with an indicative price after the initial consultation however, this is reviewed and may change in accordance with the final design.

On occasion, we are able to accommodate an express service, which is reflected in the cost.