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Inspired by Luis Hernan’s images of Hertzian space: the interface between electromagnetic waves and human experience. This collection is founded on connectivity and interactivity, how humans interact daily with fundamentally invisible digital systems. The notions of the physical and invisible interactions inform design. Sugru connects light and shadow impressions, creating interactive wearability whilst informing the depth of layers; whilst the interface of invisible and physical are highlighted through fabric shades and textured qualities.

The past leaves an impression, which at the same time informs the future. The future of which bridges the previous generations’ tales reflection on her own journey. This is a story of impression, acceptance and power: the ongoing linear coding which form a woman’s journey. Her story and that of previous generations form to produce haunting auras which mark an impression on the present. This is represented by the use of flou fabrics, leathers which easily accept impressions and softened silhouettes. Delicate silhouettes tell of the slowness presented by the past’s interference, incorporated with sharp reminders through sugru forms. This ongoing understanding of the past matures the delicate balance of power and thus prepares her for future adventure; the unknown is revealed through the creative pattern cutting form, a balance of colours and differences in design. This is the DNA of women kind.

This couture collection uses traditional tailoring techniques with luxury design for a modern lifestyle. Clothing that embraces intellectuality, as much as your physical form as;

The world is a playground and life is a ride.