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Inspired by the Japanese word: Kuyashii which translates as “to use the words of doubters as energy to succeed.”

This is our first ethically and sustainably made, ready-to-wear, unisex collection which has a traceability all the way back to the farming process. Annabel has had a lot of people saying;

‘that a luxury ready-to-wear collection cannot be made ethically and with a full traceability’

Kuyashii is a eight-piece capsule collection comprising of modern classic pieces proving those negative Nancy’s and Norman’s wrong!

Since the launch of our bespoke business, we’ve had customers ask us to develop modern classics that would easily drop into their wardrobe and also remain ‘stand out’ pieces by themselves. By building on the ethics of our couture collection; with the same philosophy of traditional tailoring techniques with luxury design for a modern lifestyle.

Ultimately, beautiful clothing that embraces your intellectuality, as much as your physical form- whatever your gender.