AGT Supports City of Sanctuary

This month, AGT has promised to provide workshops for refugees in partnership with City of Sanctuary Swindon. The workshops will be an opportunity for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced sowers, to develop their sewing skills with the lovely AGT founder, Annabel.

So, what is City of Sanctuary?

If you haven’t already heard of City of Sanctuary, it’s a charity holding the vision that the UK will be a welcoming place of safety for all and proud to offer sanctuary to people fleeing violence and persecution.

City of Sanctuary’s network includes groups, and others engaged in Streams of Sanctuary work, that are focused on bringing about both local and national social change.

In practical terms, City of Sanctuary work to build a culture of welcome, hospitality and inclusiveness right across every sphere and sector of society, so that wherever people seeking sanctuary go they will feel safe, find people who welcome them and understand why they are here, and have opportunities to be included in all activities.

If you want to find out more about City of Sanctuary or feel inspired to help their worthy cause, go to their website by clicking here!


Lauren x

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