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Innovative Materials (Part Two of Two)

A few weeks ago we gave you part one of our top ten innovative materials, and as promised here is part two…

1. Bioesters and Seaweed

Bioesters are a company with big goals as they aim to conquer the fashion industry by reducing greenhouse gas emission and toxic waste in textiles. They saw the lack of innovation in the field of sustainable textile and apparel and decided to change this with seaweed. This is the technical bit, but they work with a form of polysaccharide called alginate, which you can find in brown algae, yum. And with this, they work some magic to create a biodegradable thread, which you can use like knitting wool. So far they have already won first place in the Biodesign Summit at the Museum of Modern Art, so big things are to come.

2. QMilk

In 2011, Anke Domaske began to experiment with leftover milk, which had gone past its drinking date. She discovered that casein, a main ingredient in dairy products could be the perfect raw material to make textile fibres from. With the amount of food waste in our society, this fabulous project shows that someone’s rubbish really is another person’s treasure. Anke has big dreams as she hopes that one day she would like to “build our collection system and spread the idea worldwide.”


3. S. Café and Coffee

That latte you had this morning…what happened to the coffee granules? Well Jason Chen, saw someone asking for them to put on his clothes to stop them smelling. From this S.Café was born. Jason, after four years of hard work was able to make textiles from the left over coffee. Not only this but the textile reduces odor, wicks sweat and best of all reuses waste materials. It only takes three cups of coffee and five PET plastic bottles and hey presto, you have a t-shirt!

4. Econyl and Plastic

Now, we are going to stay on plastic, as it is simply just such a huge problem. Econyl have finally closed the loop on what seemed like a never-ending battle with plastic. They collect all types of plastics, do lots of very technical and cool things, and at the end two types of thread are produced one for textiles and one for things like carpets. In fact, not only have Adidas made a pair of biodegradable trainers, but they have also made a very cool pair of trainers from plastic collected from the sea.


5. Piñatex and Pineapples

Increasingly in our world today, the desire for alternative materials to animal products is heating up, and Dr. Carmen Hijosa might have just come up with a solution. In 2013 she created Ananas Anam Ltd, which produces the material Piñatex. Piñatex is formed from the discarded leaves of the pineapple plant, and they guarantee that no pineapples were hurt in the process. Ingenious…we thought so to. Piñatex is an alternative to leather and is perfect for making bags, shoes and furnishings, and even comes in gold…what more could you want.

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