Annabel Giraud-Telme

Socially, ethically and sustainably responsible luxury fashion

Annabel Giraud-Telme makes timeless clothes, playfully designed for a modern lifestyle.

We design for people who inspire us who are: positive, fun and engaging. Our friends and future friends- surrounded by a vast network of people- happy to balance life, work and play.

We create clothes that works for you; embracing your intellectuality as much as your physical form. Clothing that helps you choose and define your own success; whatever that may be. Pieces that stand-alone or are easily mixed with others, working for and alongside you… because the world is a playground and life is a ride.

The world we live in and our fellow humans are precious resources that we want to positively impact. Which is why we produce our clothes in Britain; with ethically and sustainably resourced fabrics and components.

Corporate social responsibility and social impact

What does it mean? For us at Annabel Giraud-Telme, it means creating beautiful clothes with minimal human and environmental impact, whilst empowering society.

We know that as a company, we are responsible for being sustainable, ethical and minimising our impact on the planet and it’s occupants. We recognise the impact fashion has. But, we’re not perfect; as unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Sustainability and ethical responsibility isn’t just about paying a living wage and organic wool. It’s about a living wage, organic wool, employee rights, pesticides on the land sheep roam and on the cotton grown, alongside a hundred thousand other layers that make up the fashion industry.

As there isn’t a single report or analytical study on the impact fashion has on the world, we have to be extra responsible in every step of the process, ask the hard questions as to how and where it’s been made. It takes a lot more time to get processes and production into place but we wouldn’t change it, not for our world. Whilst we aren’t perfect, our core values of responsibility remain the same and will always be what drives us. We also quite like the challenge of making ethically and sustainably responsible clothes lose their ‘hippy’ status.